vrijdag 31 maart 2017

Sylva top and tunic

The newest pattern from Sofilantjes is a really addicting one. After making my first one (the blue one), I made directly two more shirts and one tunic. 
The Sylva top and tunic is an easy go pattern but it looks like you're a prof. it's also the best project for using up those little scraps you've lying all around in your sewing room.
Go get the pattern now while it's for sale!

Sale info and release info:
- sale will run from Friday 00.00 to Sunday 00.00 CET (6pm. est)
- Sale price is €5 exl tax (€6,05 incl. eu tax)

EN pattern NL patroon

There will be a Dutch paper pattern but not on sale. 

zaterdag 18 maart 2017

Project Run & Play - Greenery

The challenge of the second week from Project Run & Play was to play with the theme Greenery. Thinking of green makes me happy. Green means freedom, nature, spring...
Thinking of spring even makes more happy! Allthough there probably will come a step backwards, the weather last week was great. All the almond trees are suddenly florishing, the swallows returned from their stay in Africa, the flowers start to revive and the pale noses are getting their first sun freckles. Spring, spring, spring...oh how I love it!
Once smelling that special air, my inspiration starts to flow and I really have to start something new. "Normal people" will do a great clean in their house to wipe out the winter, but since I'm not normal I stay with creating things (but I do it with the windows opened!).
Well, back to the challenge, greenery...

Green is my daughters favorite color, so no doubt she wouldn't like the fabric I choose. But...and I don't know why...it had to be a skirt with a top. And there I had a problem...my girl doesn't want to wear skirts anymore. Dresses are the best, but skirts...don't even think about mentioning it...but I did! I convinced here by telling she only had to wear it for the pictures and that I would sell it after that. She agreed, so I started working. What she didn't knew, was the fact that I wanted to make a pleated skirt, knowing that she would love it because it's uniform style and she's crazy about that.

For the skirt I didn't use any pattern. I just took a plain piece of fabric, serged it and made pleats at the frontside. I wanted the stripes keeping lined while pleated, so that took some time to arrange, but it came out very well. I added a simple waistband and left the hem serged.

For the top I used the Riviera Raglan from New Horizons as a base. I shortened the body so it would be a belly top.
The backpart of the body I divided in two parts, cutted them round and let them overlap at the top, that way the back would be open, which is great and refreshing for our Spanish summers.

I hemmed the top with a green biais to give it that fresh spring look. The normal sleeves I turned in those hot open shoulder sleeves by cutting out a part and hemming it with the green biais too.

To make the skirt and top matching, I took some lace, which I used as striping on the skirt, and added a green ribbon so I could make a corsage.

While finishing the set, my daughter entered my studio and saw the skirt placed on my dress doll. She pretended she didn't like it, but I noticed some sence of enthusiasm, while looking at her.

Than she saw the top, which was a kind of utopia in her eyes and she begged me to please let her
try the set. I said she could and in no time she was running through the house looking for some
attributes and accesoiries what would go great with it.

Ofcourse I had to take advance of this oportunity and took her right away to the garden to do aphotoshoot. And there it all came together! The outfit joined the garden as it was made to do. The
sun made my girl florishing and she was enjoying being outside with all those beautiful blossoms and flowers. And you know what? Afterwards she asked me if she could keep the outfit because sheloved the skirt. A bigger compliment I couldn't have wished!!

vrijdag 10 februari 2017

Cicero, Cicero, Cicerooooo!!

Since Anne from Sofilantjes asked me to test a new pattern named Cicero, everytime I see that name my head starts singing Cicero, Cicero, Cicerooooo!! Thank you Anne, past weeks have been a continuous concert in my head while sewing and testing the Cicero.
Ofcourse the Aria I'm talking about isn't named Cicero, but "The berber of Seville" Figaro, but well, let's have some fun, we could make our own version and sing it out loud while sewing!

The Figaro, oh sorry, Cicero is a great pattern what will make everyones hart jumping.
After Annes first pattern with zipper for the girls (Foliis jacket/dress), this time she designed a jacket with zipper for the boys. And it's great! As usual...

Although I tested the jacket for my son, it can perfectly be used for girls too. But since the girls most of the time have plenty of choice for lovely, stunning, amazing, chique and whatever kind of pattern, I decided to make this a boys-only one! Statement! ;)

During the testing time I made two versions of the jacket.
The first one I made was a plain version which turned out to be a quick sew and a great project for the confident beginner.
My son didn't want to take it of and that means he's very, very content with it.

After the first one I definitely needed to make the other version too.
Those colorblocking parts were screaming to be made and some fabrics also wanted to join the game. As said, I couldn't resist those screaming voices (no I'm not crazy, just creative) so I started number two.

Since my son wants to be a forester he's most of the wearing camu clothes, so I decided to make one he would really love to wear. Different shades of green, birds, pockets (which will be stuffed with things I don't want to know or see or smell!!) and some very important neon orange accents.
For those who don't know why I used orange when it has to be camuflage, I will explain.
During the hunting season those orange parts are for the visibility and thus for the safety of of the wearer. 

My son went crazy seeing this version and for the shoot he wanted to wear his whole outfit, so we 
made a deal. I got my photoshoot with the two different jackets as he could wear his hunting outfit.
I almost started to sing Cicero, Cicero, Cicerooooo!

The colorblocking jacket turned out great, but I have to admit it was more complicated than the first 
one. Matching up those colorblocks turned out more difficult than I thought first. Don't let this scare 
you from trying it, there's a whole team of sewstressers you can ask for help at the Sofilantjes Facebook page and there's always the ripper (although this isn't our best friend).
And if you need some distraction...let's sing...Cicero, Cicero, Cicerooooo!!

The pattern will be on sale from saturday 00:00 to monday 00:00 CET for the special price of €5,- excl. tax (€6,05 incl. EU tax)

Click here for the English pattern or here for the Dutch one.
There will not be a paper pattern any time soon. 

dinsdag 7 februari 2017

Longing for summer...blogtour

Why o why is there something called winter? How I hate it having to think about what you need to wear going outside. Today it's cold so 3 layers of clothes, a shawl, gloves. Oh...tomorrow it's going to rain, well let's add a raincoat and rubber boots. Snow? Add a bodywarmer and replace the rubber boots for snowboots. Wind, cold, snow, rain, can I have a wintersleep please? I really miss those summer days when everybody is outside, happy and shining. Faces tanned by the Spanish sun, long brown legs, short skirts, mini dresses and the Orbis.

Orbis? I hear you think. Yes, Orbis! The awesome staple pants from Sofilantjes. I made my first pair a few months ago (when the pattern was released for the Australian magazine One Thimble) and my daughter is crazy about it. She's almost living in the second pair I made. The first pair she loves too, but since that's a summer version she isn't able to wear them as lot as she would like to. Did I mention already we're longing for summer??
And the best thing for me is that she can wear them when they have physical education at school. Those days they are obligated to wear sportswear and one thing I disgust are those trainingpants and jackets. I always try to find my way around to make my girl wearing nice clothes those three days they have gymnastics. You won't know how often the p.e. teacher called me to say it wasn't propriate what she wore that day. BUT...since we've got the Orbis it never happened again. Finally found the way to let her look great and following the rules.

The pattern is really easy to make and comes in various lengths. I love the faux flighy and it's really funny to experiment with different collors of kamsnaps or buttons. And look at that pocket! Yes, it's one big pocket covering the but. Although it's still winter I am going to make you long for summer too by showing the summer variant. Look at my pics and you'll know why this is a real musthave. This one is my favorite. The colors of the fabric are so bright and warm, they give me a sparkle of summer everytime I look at it.

Luckely for you the pattern is released this week make sure you get it and get prepared for SUMMER!! And even better, this week there's a blogtour where you can read about the versatility of this great harem pants. Read them all (the listing with links you can find below), because at the end of the week there will be a Rafflecopter whit chance to win a prize!

Here are the links for both the English and Dutch versions of the pattern.

Wednesday - MoonStar - WonderMirakel (for the Sofilantjes blog), Ronda B. Handmade, Sew Cucio

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maandag 3 oktober 2016

Colorita Design: Once upon a time...

Colorita Design: Once upon a time...: ...there was a designer named Rebecca Page from Mummykins & Me who asked for testers for a new to be released pattern. One with a lo...

donderdag 29 september 2016

Once upon a time...

...there was a designer named Rebecca Page from Mummykins & Me who asked for testers for a new to be released pattern. One with a lot of options and details and the best part was that it is a pattern for dressing up. Looking forward to Halloween I got really exited.
The tester got to choose to follow the pattern by word or to let the creativity flow. Well, I didn't hesitate to apply and I was so lucky to be chosen and I was so fortunate to be in the "Let it flow" group. And there began the journey to the mystic world of the Cape-tastic!

The original pattern let you make a bird, which is awesome too, but since my daughter whole year round acts like and thinks she's a wolf, I decided to make a wolf cape.
I started as usual with tracing the pattern and cutting al parts, allthough I decided not to use a lining because of the very warm and doublefaced fabric.
I assembled the parts as told in the manual, but after that it was all up to me!

Searching the internet for pictures of wolfs, my imagination started flowing and my hands started creating. Completely forgetting the world around me I walked through the woods of Little red riding hood, looking for the wolf to say hello. And after a while he showed up.
Between some trees I saw a blinking eye and not much later his nose appeared.

I made a little step forward so I had a better look and slightly the wolf came out of the bushes. He looked suspicious at me and one moment I wanted to run, but I got myself together and started to make contact with him. He let me feel his softy ears, he showed me his tail and even he would let me touch his teeth, but that did scare me, so I decided not to do that.

And then, as suddenly as he showed up, he disappeared, grumbling something which sounded like "Grrrhunggrrry!".At that moment I woke up and when I looked at my sewing table, I saw the wolf. The blinking eyes, the wet nose, the fluffy ears...it was all there!

I called my daughter and showed her the cape. She tried it on and wouldn't take it of anymore. I think she even slept with it! Next day she was more than enthousiast doing a photoshoot. She really forgot she's a girl and not a wolf! She came up with the craziest and most awesome ideas. Don't blame her/me, the wolf was hungry she said. You see, I did hear it well!

The pattern is not yet available, so you all have the privilage to this sneakpeak.
The release is planned on the third of october, that day I will post the official links to the pattern. Untill that day you can take a look at the website of Mummykins & Me, where this week she also launched a new maxi dress for girls and mothers which happens to be on sale! Go take a look at the Monte Carlo dress