dinsdag 17 mei 2016

Out of the box, rocks!

This week I completely stepped out of my comfort zone. Why? Well, because I got the opportunity to test a skirt pattern for Pienkel. No, not because of testing for Pienkel, but because of the fabric I used.
I've got a huge love for tricots and stretchy fabrics, they are so comfy and working with them is so satisfying. I love the way it turns out and most of the times it got that professional look we all are looking for. 

But...for the pattern test for the DYYNI skirt (what means Dune, allthough it isn't an official Dutch word. It must be some kind of dialect from the Dutch island Terschelling, where Nienke, the designer behind Pienkel, lives.) I had to use woven fabric. 😱

At first I started panicking, do I really have to make it of woven fabric? I tried to convince Nienke to make a tricot version, but she was strict (thank you!!) and said I first had to make a woven one.
After that I was wondering if I did have enough fabric to complete the skirt. With my love for tricots, I don't have that much "normal" fabrics and the chart told me I needed more than I had, so how was I going to be able to do it without buying something new?
One moment I was even thinking about making it from a blanket until I decided that I could make one using a fabric with a pattern and on purpose sew one part pattern up and next part pattern down. As there were 6 parts, I just made it and you almost don't notice it.

Finally al parts cutted, the sew was easy, allthough it took me some more time because I sew piping between de skirt parts and added biais on the hem. But the easy way it can be done in about twenty minutes.

And while working on the skirt, it happened... This couldn't be true, I, the tricot freak, the stretch lover, the hardcore jersey user, fell in love with the "simple" cotton fabric. It opened my heart and made me realise there's more that meets the eye.

I'm not sure if my husband will be so exited, knowing that I now definitely have to buy some new fabrics, but I stepped out of the box and that makes me proud, so he has to live with it and I'm sure when he sees the pics, he will be convinced too. 😉

The pattern will be available in adult sizes and comes with different options, single layered, double layered, elastic band, yoga waist and some lovely accents like a ribbon and pockets.
I made the smallest size for Mila, but it goes up to a size 48.


The pattern will be released Friday May 20th and will be on sale via www.pienkel.com . It will be priced at €7,- (excl. VAT). A bundle of Dyyni for girls and for ladies will be €10,- (excl. VAT).

To celebrate the launch, there will be a discount. Using code DYYNILADIESLAUNCH, you will get 
a storewide discount of 50% (so that works on the other two patterns and on the bundles as well!).
Valid from Friday until next Wednesday.

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