vrijdag 17 juni 2016

"El sueño" a wallpainting in the middle of nowhere...

As told in my first blog I can't live without being creative.
The fact that I'm autodidactic makes that there are times I simply don't know what to do because of the overload of possabilities I am able to do. I wish I could create all day long and seven days a week, but I have to be realistic, the husband and the tween twins need some attention too. To be honest, the tween twins need more than just some attention, they rob most of my time.
But...last week they went camping with school and my dear husband had to work in Holland, so I had five, yes (!!!) five days to lay back and relax, which means ME-time and a lot of creativity!

About a year ago I started giving craft classes to a group of kids and through the year we created a lot of nice objects. As we wanted to show the parents, family and friends of my little students their artworks, we decided to organise an exposition. But before that could take place I got the honor to make a wallpainting in my classroom! So I quickly knew what was going to be my ME-time!

First the wall was painted by an official painter (in the colors I wanted). Two days later it was time to start my job. As I had surfed the internet to be inspired, I knew exactly what I wanted. It had to be a painting like a crack in the wall in which I would draw a girls face. So far I had my plan concrete, the rest would follow while drawing.

I started with the outline of the crack, which was easy peasy using a big ruler. After that I drew the girl. I have to admit that I have been inspired by an artist (sorry, I don't have a name) and that the girl is a look a like. But (!!) I drew it without example, so I think I can say I didn't copy.

After that I started to draw figures, filling the crack. It was like meditation. I sat down hours drawing without noticing the time was passing. At the end of the first day the painting was finished in pencil.

The following days I have used to paint it all. I didn't use any expensive paint, just the normal schoolpaint. Step by step the wall was changing in an artwork and I was changing in a wreck. Every part of my back was hurting and my arms told me I used muscles I normally don't use.

The last day I used black markers to outline all the figures and there it was, my artwork!
I called it "El sueño" what means "The dream". I guess you can figure it out yourself why I named it that way. The finishing touch, ofcourse, was my signature and there it was...my art on a wall in a inytiny village in the middle of nowhere in Spain. But it's there and I'm proud of it!

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