woensdag 29 juni 2016

Max and Mila

Max... I love him, we love him, Mila loves him!!
We all are in love with him. Max and Mila, such a beautiful couple!

Ok, before I break some harts, Max is not a boy (did I hear some relieve breathes there??), it's not a girl and neither a pet. Max is our cuddle name for the new Litore dress from Sofilantjes.
Why Max? Well, the pattern comes with different options and one of them is the maxi skirt.

When Anne (owner and designer from Sofilantjes) asked for testers I knew I had to be one of them. I really, really, desperately wanted to test this dress. Lucky as I am, Anne choose me to be one of her pre-testers and I even was more lucky to be chosen to make an additional bolero as well.

When you see the front bodice, you may think it's just a simple dress, but when you see the backside...make sure you don't faint, because it really is a piece of art!! Those straps and the way they are placed give your dress such a professional look, you almost can't believe you made it yourself.

Speaking of that, the pattern, as usual, is an easy to follow step-by-step guide which helps you to make a stunning dress yourself. You don't have to be afraid to start it, just read good and patiently and you will be surprised of your powers!

As said the pattern comes with different options. Three types of skirts (handkerchief, circle and maxi) and various sleeve lenghts. Also you can choose to add pockets to the skirt. And think about the options you can make using only one kind of fabric or combinating different colors or dessins. The world is yours!

Additional you can make the Aura bolero too. This pattern is not included, but will be available separate and after the introducing sale as bundle. It makes the perfect combination for every summer outfit. It really is a staple pattern, so make sure you got enough fabrics to make one for every Solis, Nivalis and Litore dress.

Talking about fabrics...the beautiful batik printed fabric I bought at Joyfits, I think about two years ago. I knew I really needed it, but didn't have any idea what to do with it. Well, this dress was his final destination. It had to be that way, it's the perfect match. I combinated it with two shades of blue which I bought at Droomstoffen.

No need to repeat why we love Max, do I?
Now it's just waiting for some people to get married (!!!!!), because Max and Mila are ready to party!

The Litore pattern will cost €8,85 (ex taxes) and comes in sizes 12m/80 to 14/164, in Dutch and English. Go get the Dutch version of the Litore dress/tunic here or the English version here.

The Aura bolera price is €6.85 ex. taxes. The pattern comes in sizes 12m/80 to 14/164 in Dutch and English. Here you can find the Dutch version of the Aura bolero and here the English one.

There will be a competition to win your money back by showing your own made items with the hashtag #freelitore or #freeaura or both as you make both items.

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