woensdag 13 juli 2016

Animals and letters at the swimming pool.

During the summer holiday, which is almost 3 months here in Spain, I always take my crocheting bag with me to the swimming pool. The kids can swim and play, I am there to watch my kids (wow, so responsable am I, ugh ugh. The kids are two very good swimmers and they practice rescue swimming and they swim championships all year round. But hey, they are still 11 years old, so officially I have to be there watching them) and I can enjoy the sun and chat with the other mothers while crocheting for my fair stand. Isn't that a win-win-win-win-win situation??

Anyway, last days I took the book Amigurimi Alfabet from Christel Krukkert with me. I love her style. She writes the patterns so clear, it's a pleasure to create those lovely amigurimi. And knowing that a lot of kids are crazy about the little animals, I make them a lot.

Until today I never crocheted a letter from the book. Only for the reason that the letters are really personal and I can't (and won't) make a stock of them (it takes a lot of time and cotton). But today I started one as a present for a not yet born baby boy. And I have to admit, it's so cute making the letter and combining it with an amigurimi animal beginning with the same letter.

As the book is written in Dutch, the additional animals going with the letters are also in Dutch. That way I had to think about an animal what would begin with the same letter in Spanish. Finally I decided to make a squid or pulpo in Spanish.

Allthough the book has a pattern of a squid, I wanted to crochet another version. In the Netherlands there is a group of volunteers, called "Early birds" that crochet birds for premature babies. It is said that the tentacles do remind the little babies of the lumbal cord, which make them more relaxed touching it, what give them more energy to grow.

The pattern for those birds is free, but it's strictly forbidden to use it for commercial purposes. But because this will be a present for a friend, I think (and hope) it is allowed to make one. Because of that I changed the pattern too. The Early birds make birds, I made a squid. It's just the idea, don't you think?!

So today I finished my Present. It's so cute I almost can't wait till the boy is born. For the mother I hope he will be born soon, although she still has to "wait" about 6 more weeks. Did you knew that in Spain a pregnancy is counting 42 weeks? So when your little one decides taking the time, it is possible you will have to wait until week 44 before they will help you starting the delivery.

Well, I'm not going to show you the final result. For that, you'll have to wait too. But I will show you some amigurimi animals which I made from this great book.

The squid, the whale and the little bird (not really great pictures)



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