donderdag 29 september 2016

Once upon a time...

...there was a designer named Rebecca Page from Mummykins & Me who asked for testers for a new to be released pattern. One with a lot of options and details and the best part was that it is a pattern for dressing up. Looking forward to Halloween I got really exited.
The tester got to choose to follow the pattern by word or to let the creativity flow. Well, I didn't hesitate to apply and I was so lucky to be chosen and I was so fortunate to be in the "Let it flow" group. And there began the journey to the mystic world of the Cape-tastic!

The original pattern let you make a bird, which is awesome too, but since my daughter whole year round acts like and thinks she's a wolf, I decided to make a wolf cape.
I started as usual with tracing the pattern and cutting al parts, allthough I decided not to use a lining because of the very warm and doublefaced fabric.
I assembled the parts as told in the manual, but after that it was all up to me!

Searching the internet for pictures of wolfs, my imagination started flowing and my hands started creating. Completely forgetting the world around me I walked through the woods of Little red riding hood, looking for the wolf to say hello. And after a while he showed up.
Between some trees I saw a blinking eye and not much later his nose appeared.

I made a little step forward so I had a better look and slightly the wolf came out of the bushes. He looked suspicious at me and one moment I wanted to run, but I got myself together and started to make contact with him. He let me feel his softy ears, he showed me his tail and even he would let me touch his teeth, but that did scare me, so I decided not to do that.

And then, as suddenly as he showed up, he disappeared, grumbling something which sounded like "Grrrhunggrrry!".At that moment I woke up and when I looked at my sewing table, I saw the wolf. The blinking eyes, the wet nose, the fluffy was all there!

I called my daughter and showed her the cape. She tried it on and wouldn't take it of anymore. I think she even slept with it! Next day she was more than enthousiast doing a photoshoot. She really forgot she's a girl and not a wolf! She came up with the craziest and most awesome ideas. Don't blame her/me, the wolf was hungry she said. You see, I did hear it well!

The pattern is not yet available, so you all have the privilage to this sneakpeak.
The release is planned on the third of october, that day I will post the official links to the pattern. Untill that day you can take a look at the website of Mummykins & Me, where this week she also launched a new maxi dress for girls and mothers which happens to be on sale! Go take a look at the Monte Carlo dress

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