vrijdag 10 februari 2017

Cicero, Cicero, Cicerooooo!!

Since Anne from Sofilantjes asked me to test a new pattern named Cicero, everytime I see that name my head starts singing Cicero, Cicero, Cicerooooo!! Thank you Anne, past weeks have been a continuous concert in my head while sewing and testing the Cicero.
Ofcourse the Aria I'm talking about isn't named Cicero, but "The berber of Seville" Figaro, but well, let's have some fun, we could make our own version and sing it out loud while sewing!

The Figaro, oh sorry, Cicero is a great pattern what will make everyones hart jumping.
After Annes first pattern with zipper for the girls (Foliis jacket/dress), this time she designed a jacket with zipper for the boys. And it's great! As usual...

Although I tested the jacket for my son, it can perfectly be used for girls too. But since the girls most of the time have plenty of choice for lovely, stunning, amazing, chique and whatever kind of pattern, I decided to make this a boys-only one! Statement! ;)

During the testing time I made two versions of the jacket.
The first one I made was a plain version which turned out to be a quick sew and a great project for the confident beginner.
My son didn't want to take it of and that means he's very, very content with it.

After the first one I definitely needed to make the other version too.
Those colorblocking parts were screaming to be made and some fabrics also wanted to join the game. As said, I couldn't resist those screaming voices (no I'm not crazy, just creative) so I started number two.

Since my son wants to be a forester he's most of the wearing camu clothes, so I decided to make one he would really love to wear. Different shades of green, birds, pockets (which will be stuffed with things I don't want to know or see or smell!!) and some very important neon orange accents.
For those who don't know why I used orange when it has to be camuflage, I will explain.
During the hunting season those orange parts are for the visibility and thus for the safety of of the wearer. 

My son went crazy seeing this version and for the shoot he wanted to wear his whole outfit, so we 
made a deal. I got my photoshoot with the two different jackets as he could wear his hunting outfit.
I almost started to sing Cicero, Cicero, Cicerooooo!

The colorblocking jacket turned out great, but I have to admit it was more complicated than the first 
one. Matching up those colorblocks turned out more difficult than I thought first. Don't let this scare 
you from trying it, there's a whole team of sewstressers you can ask for help at the Sofilantjes Facebook page and there's always the ripper (although this isn't our best friend).
And if you need some distraction...let's sing...Cicero, Cicero, Cicerooooo!!

The pattern will be on sale from saturday 00:00 to monday 00:00 CET for the special price of €5,- excl. tax (€6,05 incl. EU tax)

Click here for the English pattern or here for the Dutch one.
There will not be a paper pattern any time soon. 

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