dinsdag 7 februari 2017

Longing for summer...blogtour

Why o why is there something called winter? How I hate it having to think about what you need to wear going outside. Today it's cold so 3 layers of clothes, a shawl, gloves. Oh...tomorrow it's going to rain, well let's add a raincoat and rubber boots. Snow? Add a bodywarmer and replace the rubber boots for snowboots. Wind, cold, snow, rain, can I have a wintersleep please? I really miss those summer days when everybody is outside, happy and shining. Faces tanned by the Spanish sun, long brown legs, short skirts, mini dresses and the Orbis.

Orbis? I hear you think. Yes, Orbis! The awesome staple pants from Sofilantjes. I made my first pair a few months ago (when the pattern was released for the Australian magazine One Thimble) and my daughter is crazy about it. She's almost living in the second pair I made. The first pair she loves too, but since that's a summer version she isn't able to wear them as lot as she would like to. Did I mention already we're longing for summer??
And the best thing for me is that she can wear them when they have physical education at school. Those days they are obligated to wear sportswear and one thing I disgust are those trainingpants and jackets. I always try to find my way around to make my girl wearing nice clothes those three days they have gymnastics. You won't know how often the p.e. teacher called me to say it wasn't propriate what she wore that day. BUT...since we've got the Orbis it never happened again. Finally found the way to let her look great and following the rules.

The pattern is really easy to make and comes in various lengths. I love the faux flighy and it's really funny to experiment with different collors of kamsnaps or buttons. And look at that pocket! Yes, it's one big pocket covering the but. Although it's still winter I am going to make you long for summer too by showing the summer variant. Look at my pics and you'll know why this is a real musthave. This one is my favorite. The colors of the fabric are so bright and warm, they give me a sparkle of summer everytime I look at it.

Luckely for you the pattern is released this week make sure you get it and get prepared for SUMMER!! And even better, this week there's a blogtour where you can read about the versatility of this great harem pants. Read them all (the listing with links you can find below), because at the end of the week there will be a Rafflecopter whit chance to win a prize!

Here are the links for both the English and Dutch versions of the pattern.

Wednesday - MoonStar - WonderMirakel (for the Sofilantjes blog), Ronda B. Handmade, Sew Cucio

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2 opmerkingen:

  1. These pants are cute - you did a nice job on them.

    As a stylistic note, the font on your blog is *really* difficult to read. It's a bummer, because I was hoping to read what you had to say about the pants you made. I love the fabric.

  2. Very summery Orbis indeed, but winter here too...
    Same suggestion for your font (my eyes hurt a little trying to read everything)