zaterdag 18 maart 2017

Project Run & Play - Greenery

The challenge of the second week from Project Run & Play was to play with the theme Greenery. Thinking of green makes me happy. Green means freedom, nature, spring...
Thinking of spring even makes more happy! Allthough there probably will come a step backwards, the weather last week was great. All the almond trees are suddenly florishing, the swallows returned from their stay in Africa, the flowers start to revive and the pale noses are getting their first sun freckles. Spring, spring, spring...oh how I love it!
Once smelling that special air, my inspiration starts to flow and I really have to start something new. "Normal people" will do a great clean in their house to wipe out the winter, but since I'm not normal I stay with creating things (but I do it with the windows opened!).
Well, back to the challenge, greenery...

Green is my daughters favorite color, so no doubt she wouldn't like the fabric I choose. But...and I don't know had to be a skirt with a top. And there I had a girl doesn't want to wear skirts anymore. Dresses are the best, but skirts...don't even think about mentioning it...but I did! I convinced here by telling she only had to wear it for the pictures and that I would sell it after that. She agreed, so I started working. What she didn't knew, was the fact that I wanted to make a pleated skirt, knowing that she would love it because it's uniform style and she's crazy about that.

For the skirt I didn't use any pattern. I just took a plain piece of fabric, serged it and made pleats at the frontside. I wanted the stripes keeping lined while pleated, so that took some time to arrange, but it came out very well. I added a simple waistband and left the hem serged.

For the top I used the Riviera Raglan from New Horizons as a base. I shortened the body so it would be a belly top.
The backpart of the body I divided in two parts, cutted them round and let them overlap at the top, that way the back would be open, which is great and refreshing for our Spanish summers.

I hemmed the top with a green biais to give it that fresh spring look. The normal sleeves I turned in those hot open shoulder sleeves by cutting out a part and hemming it with the green biais too.

To make the skirt and top matching, I took some lace, which I used as striping on the skirt, and added a green ribbon so I could make a corsage.

While finishing the set, my daughter entered my studio and saw the skirt placed on my dress doll. She pretended she didn't like it, but I noticed some sence of enthusiasm, while looking at her.

Than she saw the top, which was a kind of utopia in her eyes and she begged me to please let her
try the set. I said she could and in no time she was running through the house looking for some
attributes and accesoiries what would go great with it.

Ofcourse I had to take advance of this oportunity and took her right away to the garden to do aphotoshoot. And there it all came together! The outfit joined the garden as it was made to do. The
sun made my girl florishing and she was enjoying being outside with all those beautiful blossoms and flowers. And you know what? Afterwards she asked me if she could keep the outfit because sheloved the skirt. A bigger compliment I couldn't have wished!!

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  1. I am a little jealous of your spring weather! My oldest daughter is also hard to please. That IS a high compliment! I really love the shoulder cut outs on the top!