vrijdag 31 maart 2017

Sylva top and tunic

The newest pattern from Sofilantjes is a really addicting one. After making my first one (the blue one), I made directly two more shirts and one tunic. 
The Sylva top and tunic is an easy go pattern but it looks like you're a prof. it's also the best project for using up those little scraps you've lying all around in your sewing room.
Go get the pattern now while it's for sale!

Sale info and release info:
- sale will run from Friday 00.00 to Sunday 00.00 CET (6pm. est)
- Sale price is €5 exl tax (€6,05 incl. eu tax)

EN pattern NL patroon

There will be a Dutch paper pattern but not on sale. 

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Cute tops. :) Something I've noticed, though, when visiting your site is that the font is extremely hard to read and seems out of focus/blurry. Just a heads-up for future blogging projects, but I like the fabrics you use on your shirts. They came out nice.

  2. Heel erg leuk om er ook een strak shirt van te maken!